Beata Kozak visual artist

Beata Kozak, of Hungarian origins but Italian by adoption, lives and works in Bassano del Grappa, but she considers herself a citizen of the world. From a very young age, her search for “beauty”, and her philosophical approach to life “of being here and now”, helped her to always discover new horizons.

Her career, thanks to a humanistic and artistic education, ranges from writing, literary translations, photography, and teaching art history. Her interest in painting stems from the evocative possibility in which she creates landscapes and traces of memory with a lyrical gaze.


This series is inspired by nature where spontaneous gestures reproduce details, fallen petals blown away by the wind or breeze at the seashore, colors in motion create unexpected shapes, and sail back and forth on the surface like a river, like waves. … It is a warm vivacity in which sensations, lights, colors of the seasons become memories to feel the eternal and timeless beauty of nature. Because nature is inside and outside of us, and it is impossible not to represent it.


My exploration in the haze of memory and in the inexorable passage of time in order to get away from reality, and trace something intimate that is no longer outside and far away, but near and inside in the heart. Each painting is a landscape, created with pure pigments that hide or reveal something not fixed on the canvas. Ambiguous, subtle and fragmentary traces in a free composition between the finished and the unfinished.




This series was born during the pandemic. Light, shadow and layering of colors create shapes that refer to the shapes of trees and undergrowth … The narrated theme is expressed both with liquidity and with the layering of various oil colors and pure pigments. In some paintings, I purposely tried to paint from within the painting, in a way that the first layer is visible and the layering is touchable. Images that remain blurry despite the use of bright colors where the viewer is invited to look a little longer at the work to perceive the meaning, and to translate into a personal and personal vision of him.


A research on the mimesis of nature, often hypnotic, where everyone can rediscover the color-warmth of a dream or a memory. Delicate visions, drawn from reality, fluctuate and vibrate under the surface and in the reflections of the water. A visual and emotional journey into the seabed.


It is a series of paintings that I started in 2015 where water is represented in its many facets: from the warm embrace of the waves you end up in the din. Images amassed in my memory and in my unconscious that come out suddenly, and with the approach they become signs, shapes, brushstrokes and colors, always turning to blue, which is synonymous with infinity.


Beata Kozak

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