Draco was founded in 1989 by Adriano Morini and Nadia Segreti



A very young driver arrives from Brazil, only 16 years old. He won in Kart and with the F. Chevrolet. Morini is enthusiastic about it and sees well: his name is Rubens Barrichello. Rubens, Rubinius for Draco, is immediately welcomed as a son. Nadia and Adriano keep him with them in the Florentine house and win their first European Championship with him in the Opel Euroseries (against opponents such as Gil De Ferran, David Coulthard and Vincenzo Sospiri).
Eleven pole positions and Ten victories are a good result, but above all a recognition of Adriano and Nadia’s talent scout skills. Now Rubens is in F1, a great dream that has come true.



Another year full of satisfactions. Draco wins its second championship with Portuguese Pedro Lamy (Minardi Formula 1), a talent who unfortunately failed to find the right direction in the higher categories, but who, Adriano Morini claims, had an impeccable driving style and class. . Great joy for Draco and Adriano with this second Championship on the showcase.
The name Morini becomes synonymous with an infallible discoverer of talents.



Second overall in the Lotus European Championship with the Brazilian Gualter Salles (Brazil and Draco are and will be increasingly linked in this long history). The Brazilian driver is fast, but an unhappy start to the season leads him to finish only second at the end of the championship. By chance, Salles, winner of the end of the championship race at the Donington circuit, is rewarded by the other former Draco driver, Barrichello. A sign that all those who are and have been part of the “Draco family” are always close to Adriano and Nadia at all times, and both find in this affection the most important thing in their life.



Finally, Mameli’s anthem is also heard on the podiums of the main European tracks, thanks to the Roman driver Patrick Crinelli, who wins the third championship for Draco. A painful victory, but obtained with the courage and determination of a team that wanted with all its heart to see the flag waving high.



Marco Campos: this name for Draco is that of a star. In 1994 Marco was 17 years old. As soon as Morini sees him shooting in Magione, he immediately understands the talent that Brazil has brought him, “the best of all” and says it with the sincerity of the coach who sees in his hands a gold nugget, to be cleaned and made to shine. At Draco they work hard and Marco rewards them with the best coin: victories. Marco lives and travels with them. He wins the Lotus Euroseries championship and seven other trophies. For the pole positions conquered he is elected best driver of the year and youngest revelation driver. The circus is enthusiastic about him, he has a smile for everyone and also enchants the organization. His “rival”, Tom Coronel (NL) considers him a talent, they are opponents but they eat together. Filippo Francioni, the other team rider, has a veneration for him. He has the charisma of the great champion.



Still successes in the F3000 with another Brazilian. Incredibly, here is Barrichello who is again with Nadia and Adriano to celebrate the victory of Riccardo Zonta (Bar F1) who wins in Estoril, Mugello and Pau and who does not finish third in the championship by only one point because at the last race in Hochenheim, driving, the accelerator cable breaks.


A French Draco and on the podium, Cyrille Sauvage. A year of intense work, with a 2nd and 5th place for Sauvage and a good podium (2nd) for the Portuguese Pedro Conceiro. Too bad that Cyrille does not have the opportunity to continue, painful budget problems stop him.



Another Brazilian at the Draco school, who will expand the ranks of the boys in the family: Bruno Junqueira (Williams F1 test driver) another great talent. A year in which Bruno has to learn the circuits and the car, a difficult year, but one of great formation. In 1999 the young Junqueira changes team, because Petrobras, his Sponsor, forms his own team. However, Draco remains in the heart and in turn remains in the heart of Nadia and Adriano. In the 2000 F3000 European Championship Bruno is the leader with three wins out of five races. A real dream, considering that there are five drivers discovered by Morini currently in Formula 1 with Junqueira, perhaps no one has ever done so much.



In the winter Morini hires a young Brazilian talent FELIPE MASSA, coming from Formula Renault where he won the Italian and European Championships. Since the winter tests he is clearly the strongest. For him the Championship becomes a walk: over eight races 7 Pole positions and 6 victories, demonstrating an overwhelming superiority, so much so that at the end of the season Sauber hires him to compete in the F.1 World Championship.



Augusto Farfus is yet another Draco driver. After winning the Formula Renault Eurocup he faces his first year in Formula 3000 with the precise aim of gaining experience. He behaves very well in qualifying: in the race he records only one podium at Spa Francorshamps and other excellent placings. Matteo Grassotto, an Italian driver of excellent qualities, coming from Formula 3, struggles more than expected to adapt to the 3000 starts. He still conquers a podium in Dijon and excellent placings during the season.



Draco reconfirms Augusto Farfus with only one possible goal: WIN! The new driver of the team is the German Sven Heidfeld. The tone of the whole season can be guessed from the party on the occasion of the presentation of the team and the 2003 programs, with the Team in a gala outfit at the Eurocongressi Hotel in Verona. From the beginning the season promises to be promising for Augusto who, during the various tests, always excels with great advantage. The championship ends with a Farfus with a disproportionate advantage: 60 points out of 32 for the runner-up. One domain. Draco then wins her 6th European laurel.

A very young driver who has been under observation by the Team for a long time replaces Augusto Farfus, is the Dutch Nicky Pastorelli. Alongside him an Italian driver Fausto Ippoliti.
The 2004 F3000 Superfund Championship is won by Nicky Pastorelli. Excellent performance of the Italian driver who proves to have talent: the only difficulty is the lack of experience.

Tiring season for the team involved in two Championships: World Series F3.5 by Renault where the Draco is a new entry and the F.3000.In the World Series the team’s standard bearers are the German M.W and the San Marino CM. An amazing Championship for the Draco Team who immediately feels at ease with the new car, so many podiums and victories mark a fantastic season. Second place in the constructors’ classification for Draco and 3rd in the final classification for the German MW. An excellent job also in the F3000 Championship where with two young drivers: the German Timo Lieneman and the Italian Alessandro Bonetti take numerous podiums. At the end of the Championship Draco wins the constructors’ title. Timo Lieneman is third in the general classification followed by Alessandro Bonetti. In the Under 21 ranking, 1st place overall for the German followed by the Italian Bonetti.

The 2006 season opens with the presentation of drivers Draco Pastor Maldonado and Tomas Kostka. A great season for the Venezuelan Maldonado who climbs on the top step of the podium in Monaco, Le Mans, Misano and Spa, earning 3rd place in the final standings with 102 points. Kostka instead gives way to Serbian Milos Pavlovic mid-season who will then be confirmed as Draco driver in the following season.

Team Draco takes the field with two new gladiators: the Spanish Alvaro Barba and the Serbian Milos Pavlovic.
The World Series 3.5 Championship is divided into 17 races divided into 9 circuits, in which Draco gets on the podium 6 times. In Monza, Hungary, Belgium and Portugal with Pavlovic, who obtained 96 points at the end of the season, finishing 2nd in the final standings. In Donington and Estoril with Barba who places 8th in the Championship with 64 points.
The Draco Team, thanks to an excellent car and the great feeling between the team and the drivers, wins the second place in the Championship with 160 points.

2008 is a preparatory season for the Draco team, which chooses two very young drivers: the Spanish Marco Barba, rookie in the championship, and the Belgian Bertrand Baguette, in his second season. A year in which the two riders had the opportunity to grow as men and as professionals. Baguette takes first place on the podium at Spa, his home circuit, without yet knowing that that would be only the first step towards total and undisputed victory of the following year.

2009 : CHAMPIONS !!
A triumph on all fronts from start to finish: victory in the Team Championship and victory in the Drivers’ Championship with Bertrand Baguette with 2 races to go for a total of 205 points 25 points clear of the second.
An absolute domination already from the middle of the season, with Bertrand Baguette always on the podium: 5 first places, 4 second places, 1 third place and a constant presence in the top ten in every race. An unexpected and extraordinary success can be said for a driver who in the 2 years in Draco has grown beyond all expectations and has become a true champion, a driver who in 2010 immediately entered the coveted world of Formula 1.

The drivers of Draco in the 2010 season were the French Nathanael Berthon and the Colombian Julian Leal. Berthon, rookie in the WSR 3.5 championship, has achieved excellent results in several races: 3rd in Alcaniz, 2nd in Brno, 1st in Magny Cours. Good professional improvement also for Leal who has played a productive season, suggesting a good future path.