Bertrand Baguette at SPA for the second round of the FIA WEC 2013

Bertrand Baguette was on track in the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps the weekend just gone to compete in the second race of the WEC Championship 2013.

Together with the crew formed by Gonzalez and Plowman, Baguette won the 6th row of the grid, from which he is started Saturday with his Morgan Nissan of the OAK Racing team.

At the finish line, Baguette was placed 11th. The Belgian driver is supported by Draco Marketing with the partner Torneria Ferraro.

Bertrand Baguette:
“I really had a tough time during the first stint on qualifying tyres that were almost completely worn. With new tyres in the second stint we were able to fight our way back to the front. Unfortunately, Ricardo had a slight shunt that lost us time. Martin was very consistent. Personally speaking I really enjoyed myself in my last stint at the end of the race. The times were very good and we set the fastest lap in LM P2, which is some small consolation. We still managed to finish 4TH! We’ll do better at Le Mans!”