Draco Marketing presents its partnership with Torneria Fiorese Giovanni srl: two winning companies united by professionalism, quality and passion for their work

Draco Marketing presents great news for the 2018 season, including the new partnership with Torneria Fiorese Giovanni srl, a continuously developing business with headquarters in San Zeno di Cassola, in the province of Vicenza.

The Fiorese Giovanni has a know-how acquired in over 40 years of business and produces with care and efficiency particular design for third parties for the world market, ensuring a high quality standard.

Professionalism and quality come together with the great passion from which the company was born, in 1977, when Giovanni Fiorese and his wife, with courage, spirit of sacrifice and dedication, began their activity in the garage of their home, to which they were subsequently added the children, creating a very successful reality.

For the 2018 season Fiorese Giovanni will be present in the most important world circuits with Draco Marketing, linking its name to International Motorsport and thus beginning a lasting and profitable partnership.

Below is a brief interview with Mr. Fiorese in view of the new partnership.

Fiorese Giovanni is based on professionalism, quality, seriousness and passion. All features that also characterize Draco Marketing. Can we therefore deduce that these affinities are the basis of the new partnership?

Absolutely yes. For over 40 years, Fiorese Giovanni Srl has been producing with great care and efficiency special design on behalf of third parties for the world market, ensuring a high quality standard, we use a large fleet of latest generation with auxiliary equipment in a covered structure of 3600 m² in line with safety, environmental and quality standards.

The Fiorese Giovanni has never linked to the world of Motorsport before this partnership and if not, what has fascinated you about this world?

Fiorese Giovanni Srl, even if it has always been a partnership of many sports in local realities, especially in the youth sector, has never been linked to the world of Motorsport. A world that we can only say to be fascinated and now that we have had the opportunity we have chosen to be part of it.

What are your expectations about this new partnership?

Our expectations are above all to have fun and be part of a world so full of adrenaline that has always fascinated us. It will also allow us to introduce our company and our services.