Italian Offshore Championship in Como for the 100 Miglia Del Lario

This weekend ends the 2018 edition of the Italian Offshore Championship at the beautiful location of Lake Como on the occasion of the 69th edition of the “100 miles of the Lario-Villa D’Este Trophy”. The categories in the race will be the Italian Offshore Championship 5000 and the Endurance Boat Racing Championship. The offshore show will take place on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October at the Villa Olmo-Villa Geno walks in Como. As always the Draco Marketing partners Torneria Fiorese Giovanni, Syncro System and SIRIO.


On the occasion of the event will be exhibited the paintings of the artist Beáta Kozák, part of the collection “Il mio bluismo”. The paintings of the artist reflect very well the love for the sea and integrate perfectly in the context of a prestigious and exciting Championship. The series of 1×1,5 mt canvases will be exhibited at the Yacht Club of Como, the race headquarters.