Formula 2 Silverstone: King of MP in theTop Ten


The track and weather condition was dry during the qualifying. All drivers got as usual two sets of new tyres to qualify on. Jordan King ended in his first run 15th with a lap time of 1:39.666 and Mahaveer Raghunathan finished his early run 17th. Jordan went into the pitlane with 19 minutes to go. He was as well one of the first drivers that went with new tyres back on track again. While everybody was changing their tyres, Jordan was starting his push lap. His lap time was 1:39.225 what made him 10th fastest. His second push on his second set improved in the first sector but not enough overall. Jordan ended the qualifying 12th while Mahaveer Raghunathan finished his qualifying on the 20th position. The pole position was for Zhou with a lap time of 1:38.182

Feature race (race 1)

Jordan King and Mahaveer Raghunathan had both a clean start and first lap of the race. Jordan managed to move up two places and Mahaveer one place. Mahaveer gained another position after Dorian Boccolacci’s car stopped on the track during the second lap. The pit window went open during lap 6, and most drivers went in for their pitstop. Jordan decided to stay out for a little longer and made his pitstop on lap 8 followed by Mahaveer in lap 10. Jordan King was 12th when he got back on track and Mahaveer 16th, but two drivers in front of them had still to do their pitstop at that moment. Not much happened during the rest of the race. Jordan ended the race eventually 10th and Mahaveer 15th.


Sprint race (Race 2)

Jordan King had an average start. He lost one position and dropped back to 11th. Raghunathan was 19th after the start of the race. The safety car went out during the second lap after Alesi span and stopped on track. The restart of the race went well without any incidents. Jordan King moved up to the 10th position in lap 7 and closed the gap to 0,3 sec to Matsushita soon after that. King stayed the whole race close to Matsushita, but he wasn’t able to make any overtaking move on him. Ghiotto went in the pit lane for a pitstop during lap 17, and this made Jordan King 9th. Jordan King crossed the finish line 9th and just had to miss the points. Mahaveer Raghunathan ended 18th after a puncture in his tyre during the last lap caused by Ghiotto.