Art and Motors: two distant worlds? For us they are very close, linked by passion and professionalism. Our dear friend and partner Beata Kozak selected by “Singulart” as an international artist

Art is part of our world thanks to our dear friend and partner Beata Kozak, an international artist who was recently selected by the prestigious “Singulart” staff, where there are only high-profile artists from all over the world.

Beata Kozak, of Hungarian origins but Italian by adoption, lives and works in Bassano del Grappa, but she considers herself a citizen of the world. From a very young age, her search for “beauty”, and her philosophical approach to life “of being here and now”, helped her to always discover new horizons.

Her career, thanks to a humanistic and artistic education, ranges from writing, literary translations, photography, and teaching art history. Her interest in painting stems from the evocative possibility in which she creates landscapes and traces of memory with a lyrical gaze.

Thanks to the artistic depth of her creations and the variety of her paintings, Beata Kozak was chosen to exhibit her works on Singulart, an influential web site, recognized in the artistic field for the precise selection of international artists that she promotes in the sector.

Singulart’s selection criteria are very strict: artists must be recognized nationally for the quality of their work, have held personal exhibitions, received prestigious awards, performed outside their country of origin and appeared on the national and specialized press.

Beata Kozak has her own personal space inside Singulart with her latest works: la linea Selva, Fondali, Il Mio Bluismo, Fiori del Mare.

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We asked the artist a few questions:

Beata, what does it mean for your artistic career to have been selected by this prestigious portal?

“It is certainly a milestone and a great way to reach collectors and art lovers. During this pandemic, the change in the art market has accelerated and renewed itself: many of the best galleries have opened their doors online, exhibiting works of art in a clear way and without speculation, and assuring collectors of a purchase in maximum safety (and have guarantees also from a legal point of view: I am thinking of fakes or damaged works etc.). And I as an artist thus have the direct and immediate possibility of exhibiting and describing in detail my artistic production with all the means at my disposal – most of the paintings have a connection with my youtube channel – thus allowing the collector to have the eyes in every slight ripple of my paintings.”

What are your artistic projects for the future?

“Research, commitment, perseverance and innovation continue to remain my cornerstones, with a matured awareness of the use of ecological materials such as pure Italian linen or various pure and precious pigments that help me to create works that are almost “watercolored” (even if it is oil painting), and imbued with “animosity” already present in the last works. A research rather than a stylistic, philosophical one: a new exploration in the haze of memory, of small things, and in the inexorable passage of time in order to be able to move away from reality, and trace something intimate that is no longer outside and far, but near and inside the heart. Each painting will be an abstract landscape, created with pure pigments that hide or reveal something not fixed on the canvas. Ambiguous, subtle and fragmentary traces in a free composition between the finite and the unfinished where reality dissolves to increase the reality of the work. Another project I’m working on will be the virtual exhibition with the latest series, and as soon as the pandemic is over, a solo exhibition.”

Do you think that the Motorsport can be associated with the Art for the passion and inspiration that must be had in both sectors?

“Absolutely yes. Both worlds occupy a privileged place in the common imagination, becoming vehicles of desires and preferences. Worlds where adventure and misadventure are present. Worlds in which the search for new shapes and materials and improvement is constant. Worlds where the only rule is the moment or time. Worlds – emphasizing things a little and referring to the history of cinema – that are used to excite and save someone, just like art, now more than ever.”


And surprisingly it was Beata Kozak who asked our General Manager Nadia Segreti some questions …

Nadia, what is the most beautiful color for you, the one you would like to see in a work of art?

“WHITE, on every occasion, because I see a world of this color that gives me serenity and peace. White has always been part of my life from child to woman. White for me is like a symbol of strength, moral integrity, desire to do and courage. It takes me to rocky worlds with snow, where nature still resists uncontaminated and there I feel good about myself!”

What changes do you think can come from this very particular period that we all experienced in 2020 due to the Pandemic? Will there be a real change in the way of life and in people?

“This pandemic will not change anything in people’s souls. Every human being is born and dies with its main characteristics intact. The pandemic exalts the ugliness because many people have always worn the mask, but now greed and arrogance towards those who have less becomes more marked. When this terrible moment ends and everything will be as before, whoever wears it every day of his life will continue and the rest of the people as well. Nothing will change.”

If you could make a wish, what would you want?

I would return my wonderful life on the track and take away the years that have passed. I just want to go back to 1989 and LIVE!

Beata, I am admired by your latest works and I wish you to find the way that can give you happiness and success in your work because loving what you do is living every day.