Ready for the new season with MP Motorsport with the support of our Partners

The past year has been one of the most difficult for the whole world and Motorsport has also suffered by staying put for a long time. The health crisis has also created an economic crisis in all countries that has involved many businessmen, but despite this we want to think of 2021 as the year of rebirth and new strength. Our Partners have confirmed their presence in the sporting season for an increasingly close and important collaboration, based on trust and professionalism.

Also this year we will be, together with our sponsors, alongside MP Motorsport Team in the Formula 2 and Formula 3 championship. The Dutch team is confirmed as one of the strongest with several victories and podiums in the past season, and the names of new drivers will soon be revealed.

Formula 2 will have 8 stages with 3 races in each round for a total of 24 races, all concurrently with Formula 1. The championship will start at the end of March in Sakhir. Formula 3 will start in May in Barcelona and it will also have 3 races every weekend, always together with the F1 championship, for a total of 21 races.


Interview with Sander Dorsman, Team Principal MP Motorsport, and Nadia Segreti, General Manager Draco Marketing

The collaboration between MP Motorsport and Draco Marketing continues in 2021 with a lot of optimism and energy. What do you think of this collaboration?

Sander Dorsman: “I’m very happy to continue our collaboration with Draco Marketing. We’ve been successfully working together for a few years now and I believe we share the same values of competition and determination, as well as the love for motorsport.”

Nadia Segreti: “We had a meeting at the end of the year with our major Sponsors, the result was that we again chose to share this 2021 adventure with MP Motorsport. The team has grown exponentially and our supporters, despite the crisis that hit the whole world in 2020, they strongly wanted to reward the Draco-Mp Motosport connection. Since 1988 I’m in this world and Mp staff are the ones who are closest to my way of thinking and loving Motorsport with a feeling that goes beyond the business. The commitment that I see in every member of the Team makes me return to Draco Racing and to those emotions that make and have made my life an adventure.”

What are your goals in the 2021 championships?

Sander Dorsman: “We’ve been growing stronger these past years in all 4 championships we are involved in. In Formula 2 and Formula 3 more particularly, we got some very important wins last season and we believe in 2021 our drivers have the potential to win races and to be in the fight for the championship title.”

Nadia Segreti: “Racing with F1 has always been very important. Sponsors need visibility to advertise their brand. In addition to the passion present in some of them, it is important to expand the market and show that their company invests in sport, to be a competitive company in their sector capable of supporting costs in order to make their brand popular. Furthermore, it is gratifying to help young drivers invest in their dreams and it is always a great thrill when our partners arrive on the circuit with their guests and met teams and drivers. Our sponsors normally follow the races inside the box of the Formula 1 teams, see the champions and breathe the racing world, enjoying the race perhaps next to the F1 drivers in preparation for the race with their engineers and mechanics. All this is our world and we are really happy to be there and to renew with MP Motosport. ”

Draco Marketing partner companies are protagonists with their logos in your cars in the F2 and F3 championships, and they will also be in the next season. Partners also often come to the circuit, of course when possible. How do you live your relationship with them and do you think that a more frequent presence on the circuit will be possible this year, according to health regulations?

Sander Dorsman: “Having our sponsors with us during a race weekend is always a pleasure. We wouldn’t be where we are without them and it’s always nice to see the faces behind a logo. 2020 was a special year, we hope that in 2021 everything will go back to normal so we can welcome our sponsors again on the circuits.”

Nadia Segreti: ” We are anxiously awaiting to be present again in the circuits this year. We all miss too much the thrill of experiencing the circuit. I am always in love with Motorsport as on the first day. So, come on MP Motosport! “