Formula 2 at the debut of the season in Barhain

First weekend for the MP Motorsport team, Draco Marketing partner, in the Barhain circuit with Formula 2 and Formula 3.

The Formula 2 practice sessions started very well with Felipe Drugovich in first place and Clement Novalak in 4th. In qualifying Drogovich gained the 10th position and in race 1 he overtook several positions finishing in 5th place. Novalak, who started eighth, was doing a great race, but was penalized by 10 “for a clumsy braking and finished 18th. In race 2 Drugovich got some good points finishing sixth. He started on hard tires with the P10, he returned to P15 and switched to the soft tires he crossed the finish line on lap 10. Unfortunately, Novalak had to retire after an engine failure.

Next race in Jeddah this weekend.