Monaco grand Prix

Last weekend it was time for one of the most glamorous and prestigious grand prix of the calendar, the Monaco GP. Widely considered to be one of the most important races, the MP F2 team prepared to give it all they had. The race weekend started on Thursday with practice, where Drivers  managed to set a place inside the top ten. Dennis his pace was promising after setting the second-fastest time of the grid. Franco unfortunately hit the barrier but did set a time that secured his place at P7.


After the team got soaked due to rain on Thursday, we were met with sunny skies for qualifying on Friday. Both drivers found their pace and, again, qualified in the top ten on the narrow streets of Monte Carlo. Dennis, who was held back by traffic twice, set the eighth-best time off the grid. Franco had a great lap which meant a P5 for the Argentinian. 


Due to the reversed grid, Dennis was starting at P3 during the Sprint Race. The race itself was characterised by its many safety cars, the first one already being deployed after the first corner. Fortunately, no drivers were harmed and no MP car was involved as well. An extra benefit was the amount of time drivers were able to overtake. This caused both Dennis and Franco to hold their positions until the end, as well as a fourth podium of the season for our Norwegian!


A clean first lap by both drivers foresaw a Feature Race without any real troubles. Franco had to defend his position against Antonelli for almost the entire race. Unfortunately, he locked the supersoft tyes up in one of the final laps of the race, multiple drivers were able to overtake and Franco had to settle for a P13. Dennis aimed to pit late as the team was hoping for a safety car, this didn’t happen but still allowed him to score good points by finishing sixth.

The results delivered last weekend meant a solid place in the team standings, having both drivers firmly in the top ten. The season is fully in motion, we are looking forward to the next round. We’ll travel to sunny Spain for the Spanish GP, held on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Standings after the fifth round of racing Driver Mp Motorsport:
P4 Dennis – 56 points
P8 Franco – 38 points

Team  MP Motosporsport

P3 – 94 points