A hat trick of Trident drivers at Silverstone in GP3: first Piquet with Draco Marketing partners

Podium all signed Trident at Silverstone in the second race of GP3 with Pedro Piquet in first place, which showed off the logos of Torneria Fiorese Giovanni and SIRIO, followed by Giuliano Alesi and Ryan Tveter. The weekend of the team, partner of Draco Marketing, was a success with excellent results in the points area also in race 1, with Piquet 7th, Alesi 8th and Alessio Lorandi 10th, which unfortunately failed to replicate in race 2 because of an off-track in the first lap to avoid another driver, which made him lose a lot of position and finish 12th.

In Formula 2 Maini started from the 7th position on the grid and got the 14th place in race 1 and the 13th in race 2, with the partner Torneria Ferraro on the car.

Next meeting in Hungary on 28 and 29 July.