Formula 2 and GP3 in Budapest: Draco Marketing on the track with Trident

Double championship weekend for the Trident team, Draco Marketing partner, in Budapest. After breaking up with Ferrucci, Trident promoted Lorandi in Formula 2, alongside Arjun Maini, who carries the Torneria Ferraro logo on his car and in Hungary got the 12th and 14th place in the two scheduled races.

David Beckmann arrives with Trident in GP3 after his departure with the Jenzer team. Beckmann, who sports the Torneria Ferraro and Syncro System logos on his car, is immediately 1 ° in free practice, and then conquers the 4th place in Race 1 and the 7th place in Race 2. His teammate Pedro Piquet , which has the Torneria Fiorese Giovanni and Sirio logos, got the 11th position in Race 1 and the 9th in Race 2.